Tree Island


by Owen Fitzpatrick “You cannot interpret the shape of trees as anything other than a collective memory” (19-20) Jordan Mounteer, ‘Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)’ This could not be any clearer than at the northern limit of the boreal forest near Churchill, Manitoba. If you were to set off from the Churchill Northern Studies Center, on a bumpy and slow snowmobile … Read More

Kale and Conversation


written by Carley Basler, Sustainability Coordinator We’ve been growing hydroponic leafy greens in the Sub-Arctic for over a year now.  Whether its 50 below or 38 above, we’ve kept our roughly 3000 plants alive and are proving that this is something that communities like ours CAN do.  We’ve cleverly named our produce Rocket Greens to pay homage to the CNSC’s … Read More

Celebrating the Kitchen!


Guest view of the cafeteria at CNSC

  Hi, my name is Sarah and I first came to work at the CNSC in 2001. At that time, I worked in the old building. It was quite an adventure. I have met people from all over the world and the staff have always been amazing. I came back in 2002 for aurora season and didn’t come back until … Read More

The Zen of Fuel Hauling


written by Tomas Taylor, photos by Tomas Taylor “How was the trip?” “Good. The fuel got to the cache.” This is pretty much what we found ourselves replying upon returning home from our epic fuel haul trips, at a somewhat loss of words. 23 drums of fuel. 1000 km over bumpy snow drifted tundra. Nights spent at cabins in Wapusk … Read More

Lords of the Arctic: Fun for All Ages


Blog post written by: Kelli Kandra, a volunteer during the 2018 fall season This past October and November, people from all over the world came to the Churchill Northern Studies Centre for their Lords of the Arctic learning vacation. One group, in particular, stood out thanks to two dynamic individuals: 98-year-old Rosemarie, who was traveling with her daughter, Frankie, and … Read More

From Lab to Field: Invaluable North Experiences


My name is Morgan Dobroski and I am currently working at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre as a Seasonal Research Technician Intern. I grew up in southern Manitoba but permanently reside in Edmonton, AB now. I just recently graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Animal Biology. Growing up I knew I wanted … Read More

Passionate Research


My name is Jamie D’Souza and I’m from Montreal, QC. I am currently in my second year of master’s degree in Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, ON. I decided to fulfill a master’s degree because, truth be told, I really wanted to see a polar bear in the wild and I couldn’t quite afford … Read More

Connections and Friendships for a Lifetime


Have you ever experienced what it’s like to arrive in a new place and instantly start planning your next visit there? I had this feeling when I arrived in Churchill. My name is Beth Hampson, and I’m from Winnipeg, MB. I’ve completed my first year of Environmental Science at the University of Manitoba. I’m currently working at the Churchill Northern … Read More

Learning Vacation Reflection: From NYC to the Tundra


I hear her before I see her: the sound of a little, gurgling splash in the water just off the left hand side of our kayak. My husband and I are at about the one-hour mark on our Sea North beluga kayaking adventure. So far we’ve seen what feels like hundreds of whales, mostly from a distance, as we paddle … Read More