Research coordinator

A day in the Life

After a stint as a Research Technician with the CNSC, Joni Reimer returned as the Research Coordinator in December of 2021.

Joni Reimer - Season Research Technician (2)

As Research Coordinator, I oversee all things *science* here at the CNSC. Research happens 365 days a year here, the summer season keeps me on my toes the most. 

My day usually starts in the cafeteria, where I chat about the day’s logistics with visiting researchers while enjoying a hot breakfast. I often take this opportunity to deliver helicopter notifications, hand them their keys to the firearm cabinet, or make sure their vehicle or off-road machine is fuelled up for a busy day ahead.

Newly arrived researchers fill the lab as I direct them to their designated work space, and before they head into the field, I make sure ensure all necessary permits have been signed and that they have been briefed on important safety protocols.

I walk into the Science Office and, with the Research Technicians, we take a look at the weekly science calendar on the wall to see what we have to accomplish today. I delegate tasks and make sure that everyone feels prepared to tackle the day. 

One Tech is heading out to conduct observational beluga surveys on the Churchill River estuary all day, another will be preparing for an educational presentation on current research at the CNSC, and the last has been assigned to helping out a research team in the field to gather soil samples. 

I check my emails and respond back to a dozen researcher inquiries, new contract research partnerships, and programming requests.

I spend the day collecting data for an in-house research project, processing and shipping previously collected specimen samples, preparing Technician schedules, and discussing equipment rentals with researchers or sharing my opinion on the best route to a remote field site.

Before I know it, I’m sitting on the science office couch listening to a Technician tell a story about a cool bird they saw that day as the researcher entrance fills up with muddy boots and stinky hip waders from researchers returning back from a productive day.

I am filled with pride that I can contribute to providing researchers with a place to conduct their studies safely and effectively during each and every user-day that they spend here with us. 

I feel fortunate that I am able to be an important element at a major meeting place of researchers from vastly different disciplines and backgrounds at a time when research in the North is as important as ever.

Meet Researchers

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre hosts an average of 1,100 research user days in a typical year. Researchers who study at the Centre receive accommodations, equipment, laboratory space, vehicle rentals, and logistical support, all at an extremely affordable rate. 

Please consider supporting the CNSC and allowing us to continue offering this critical service.