The Edge of the Arctic

Surrounded by wildlife


Churchill, Manitoba, Canada is located along the southern edge of Canada's arctic. Churchill is surrounded by the wildlife and habitat of three distinct eco-zones: arctic marine, arctic tundra and boreal forest. It is home to the most accessible population of polar bears, both for adventure travel and scientific research. The town of Churchill lies underneath the auroral oval, resulting in over 300 nights of northern lights activity.

Over 500 species of arctic wildflowers and boreal plants grow in this environment. Arctic migratory birds and northern nesting fowl are seen in great numbers each spring making Churchill an ideal place for unique birding. Beluga whales congregate in the Churchill River each summer attracting whale watchers from around the world. Notably, the area is also home to arctic foxes, caribou, snowy owls and harbour seals.

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre offers 5-7 day adventure study programs throughout the arctic seasons. More information about wildlife viewing and ecological study in Churchill can be found at our Learning Vacation page.

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