Northern Research Fund

Support for your Research


accepted until Jan. 31 2024

The Northern Research Fund (NRF) provides grants to researchers from all disciplines who use the facilities and services of the CNSC.

The fund is available to assist researchers in meeting the financial needs of projects that will lead to increased knowledge relevant to the people living in the north, particularly in the region around Churchill.

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NRF grants are predominantly issues as matching, in-kind support. There are two types of in-kind support:

User Days

Accommodations and meal services for one person for one 24-hour period

Vehicle Days

Vehicle and/or equipment support from the CNSC fleet for one 24-hour period (exclusive of fuel)

Applicants may apply for any level of support from among the types of funding available, up to a maximum of 50 per cent of the expected total project budget. For example, if the project is expected to require 20 user days and 8 vehicle days, then an applicant can apply to the NRF for up to 10 user days and 4 vehicle days.

Additionally, awarded NRF funds can be redeemed for a maximum of 50 per cent the of actual total project budget. For example, if an applicant is award 10 user days and uses 18, they can redeem up to 9 awarded user days.

NRF support for 2024 is anticipated to consist of 100 user-days and 50 vehicle-days.

Values of in-kind services will be determined from current CNSC Fees.

Contribute to the Northern Research Fund

Funds are directed to researchers in the form of research user days. Grants using the Northern Research Fund are awarded annually.

All eligible applications will be assessed.

The principal criterion used to determine the level of funding will be the stringency of the proposed research and its potential for the advancement of knowledge, particularly as it pertains to our understanding of life in the north.

However, in an effort to effectively distribute limited funds, the following applications will be given priority to applications:

  • from first-time applicants
  • from or involving students
  • for projects where total NRF funding is a small part of the whole project budget. However, the allocation of cash to these projects will be considered carefully
  • from researchers who have disseminated the results of previous work through presentations and peer-reviewed publications
  • for projects to be conducted in the shoulder and off seasons (November 30 to April 30).

Full details about the Northern Research Fund, including eligibility, nature of support, assessment criteria, reporting, and decision-making criteria, can be found in the NRF Guidelines.

Submitting your application

Before submitting your application, please be sure to read the NRF Guidelines.

All applications must consist of the following:

  1. Cover letter, addressed to the CNSC Research Coordinator. 
  2. Completed application form.
  3. Photocopies of permits that have been obtained to date.

These documents can be included as attachments in an email to the Research Coordinator, as described on the application. Alternatively, you may submit your application documents through the form below.


Applications must be received no later than January 31, 2024 to be considered.