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Belugas in the Bay: The White Whales of Churchill - Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Subarctic Education - Churchill Manitoba

Belugas in the Bay: Through the Camera Lens

In this special program we will explore Churchill wildlife and landscapes through the camera lens. Your co-instructors will share their unique skills and knowledge for an amazing experience discovering belugas and more! 


Wild Planet: The Subarctic in Summer

Imagine hiking the coast of western Hudson Bay, an ancient and rugged landscape where boreal forest meets Arctic tundra, a land transformed by ice, wind and water. Daily hikes will lead you through a wide variety of habitats including: tundra, boreal forest, inter-tidal zone, fen, beach dune, and coastal pond. 

Lords of the Arctic: The Ecology of Hudson Bay's Polar Bears - Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Polar Bears - Churchill Manitoba

Lords of the Arctic: The Ecology of Hudson Bay's Polar Bears

Witness the annual migration of Churchill's polar bears. Every October and November, polar bears congregate in the Churchill area to await the return of the sea ice and access to their preferred prey – the ringed seal. This is our most popular program – book early!


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