The Great Canadian Giving Challenge: Why Supporting Nonprofits Matters

Summer is just around the corner, meaning sunny days, warmer weather, and vacation. It’s a great time to have a good time — but also to acknowledge the good being done in our communities every season. That’s why June plays host to the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. This annual, month-long event is not just a fundraising campaign — it’s a testament to the collective power of generosity and the profound impact that comes from supporting nonprofit organizations.

What Is the Great Canadian Giving Challenge?

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a national public contest initiated by CanadaHelps, a nonprofit serving Canadian charities and donors by providing an online platform to make donating and fundraising simpler. For every dollar donated to any registered Canadian charity during the month of June, the charity earns a chance to win a substantial cash prize. This innovative challenge harnesses the spirit of giving to amplify the impact of donations, encouraging more Canadians to support the causes close to their hearts.

The Importance of Supporting Nonprofits

Supporting nonprofit organizations is a multifaceted endeavor with far-reaching benefits. Below are key reasons why it’s essential to rally behind these organizations, especially during initiatives like the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

Amplified Community Impact

Nonprofits are often on the front lines, addressing critical issues ranging from hunger and homelessness to environmental conservation and education. By providing essential services that fill gaps in government programs, nonprofits play a crucial role in improving community well-being and resilience.

Strengthened Social Fabric

Nonprofit organizations foster a sense of community and belonging. They bring people together for a common purpose, building networks of support that extend beyond the immediate objectives of their projects. This strengthening of the social fabric is invaluable, creating a more cohesive and supportive society.

Economic Contributions

Beyond their social impact, nonprofits are also significant economic players. They create jobs, purchase goods and services, and attract investment to communities. By supporting these organizations, donors are indirectly contributing to the economic vitality and sustainability of their communities.

Encouragement of Philanthropy

Participation in initiatives like the Great Canadian Giving Challenge encourages a culture of philanthropy. It demonstrates the power of collective action and shows that every contribution, no matter the size, can make a difference. This fosters a more compassionate society where giving and supporting one another becomes a shared value.

Leveraging Volunteer Opportunities

Nonprofits offer numerous opportunities for individuals to engage directly with their communities through volunteering. This not only contributes to the organizations’ goals but also enriches the lives of volunteers by providing meaningful experiences, developing new skills, and building friendships.

The Positive Impact of Nonprofits

The impact of nonprofits is both profound and far-reaching. They provide vital services that improve lives, protect the environment, advance education, and much more. Nonprofits also play a crucial role in advocating for policy changes and social justice, driving progress and innovation in various fields. By supporting these organizations, donors contribute to a ripple effect of positive change that extends well beyond the immediate beneficiaries of nonprofit programs.


The Churchill Research Centre Inc o/a Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) is an independent, non-profit field station working to understand and sustain the North. We provide accommodations, meals, equipment rentals, and logistical support to scientific and social researchers working on a diverse range of topics of interest in the subarctic. We also facilitate learning programs throughout the year for non-credit learning vacations, university credit courses, and youth programming.

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge offers a unique opportunity to amplify the impact of our collective generosity. Supporting us at the CNSC is not just an act of giving; it is a commitment to a more knowledgeable, sustainable, and compassionate world. Let’s seize this opportunity to make a difference; together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change that lasts far beyond the month of June.

Make a contribution during the month of June and be a part of this transformative journey. Your support matters more than you may realize. Let’s make a difference, one donation at a time.

Explore our Learning Vacations to see how you can experience the subarctic in a way that’s meaningful, personal, and unforgettable. Or, donate today to support greater understanding of — and deeper appreciation for — the natural, social, economic, and cultural environments of the North.

One small donation could be worth $10,000
Support a researcher, literally. For only $250, you can provide one researcher at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre with a brand new mattress. A good night's rest is essential for the safety and success to conduct research in the subarctic.
One small donation could be worth $10,000
Support a researcher, literally. For only $250, you can provide one researcher at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre with a brand new mattress.