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It’s Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is a global movement that encourages people to rally behind the organizations they believe in (for instance, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre). Today, we want

Join the Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Join the Great Canadian Giving Challenge! It’s here — the Great Canadian Giving Challenge has begun! This month, we are asking you to join the challenge and help the CNSC continue to support subarct

#RocketGreensMoms deliver new van

#RocketGreensMoms deliver new van   February 24, 2022 Linda Basler and Jo-Anne Joyce met for the first time earlier this month. Less than a week later, they went on an epic road trip together: a 1,30


BY KATE MAZUR, Seasonal Research Technician. The newest addition in the Churchill Northern Studies Centre’s science department features three bioactive terrariums. These terrariums provide gu

Something Fishy is Going On

By Joni Reimer After over a year of being empty, the CNSC’s Hudson Bay Aquarium is back up and running after a little help from the science team. The 125 gallon tank offers a glimpse into what the A

No signs of slowing down

By Jordan Stewart Despite the many uncertainties and challenges of the past year, research as the Churchill Northern Studies Centre has not skipped a beat. Whether it be conducting in-house research,

Winter Birds of Churchill

By Jesse Shirton Spring is right around the corner in Churchill – well, it’s coming eventually at least. With spring comes a huge influx of wings, as Churchill is a major stopping ground for migratory

Top 10 Underrated Critters

By Jesse Shirton Chances are when you think of a Churchill animal, you probably think of a polar bear. Understandably so, considering Churchill is the polar bear capital of the world. Every year (glob

Educational Walks at CNSC

After being closed for several months, things are starting to open up again at the Centre. We welcomed researchers from Western Canada at the beginning of August, and currently have three research gro

Rules for Fieldwork

Over our travels on tundra, water, ice, and through boreal forest, we have learned some simple rules to keep things running smoothly as a team of research technicians. While they are all guidelines, a

Lessons from an Amateur Birder

By Danielle Chiasson When I moved to Churchill last year I was excited to walk the subarctic landscape and see plants and animals I had only ever dreamed about. Polar bears, belugas, arctic foxes, car

A spruce tree in the Hudson bay lowlands after spring snow melt

Signs of Spring

Spring reflects signs of new beginnings. Flowers bloom and trees bud, but spring in Churchill looks a little different. Here we are at the beginning of June, still with snow on the ground, temperature

Winter Wrap Up 2020

By Danielle Chiasson Now that the snow is melting in Churchill, the temperatures are creeping up above freezing, and the first migratory birds are passing through, we thought it would be a good idea t

Jordan, looking out of an igloo she built during her semester in the subartic

A Semester in the Subarctic

My name is Jordan Amatuzio, I am currently an Environmental Studies student at the University of Manitoba. This winter I had the incredible opportunity to spend the final co-op work term of my undergr

Four in the Far North

by Eric DeChaine, Professor of Biology, Curator of the Pacific Northwest Herbarium Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A. I am a naturalist at heart, striving to better understa

You Live Where?

by Alex Windsor Whether I am up north, or visiting friends and family down south, people frequently ask me, “why did you move to Churchill”? For those who know me, I am interminably cold. Growing

Reflections on Summer Research

Hello! My name is Emma Traynor. I’m currently finishing up my stay as one of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre Seasonal Research Technicians. In September, I’ll be heading back to Saint John, New

Tree Island

by Owen Fitzpatrick “You cannot interpret the shape of trees as anything other than a collective memory” (19-20) Jordan Mounteer, ‘Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)’ This could not be any clear

Kale and Conversation

written by Carley Basler, Sustainability Coordinator We’ve been growing hydroponic leafy greens in the Sub-Arctic for over a year now.  Whether its 50 below or 38 above, we’ve kept our roughly 30

Guest view of the cafeteria at CNSC

Celebrating the Kitchen!

  Hi, my name is Sarah and I first came to work at the CNSC in 2001. At that time, I worked in the old building. It was quite an adventure. I have met people from all over the world and the staff have

The Zen of Fuel Hauling

written by Tomas Taylor, photos by Tomas Taylor “How was the trip?” “Good. The fuel got to the cache.” This is pretty much what we found ourselves replying upon returning home from our epic fu

Lords of the Arctic: Fun for All Ages

Blog post written by: Kelli Kandra, a volunteer during the 2018 fall season This past October and November, people from all over the world came to the Churchill Northern Studies Centre for their Lords

Passionate Research

My name is Jamie D’Souza and I’m from Montreal, QC. I am currently in my second year of master’s degree in Geography, Environment and Geomatics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, ON. I decid

The Inspiration of Science

My name is Dani Nowosad and I’m wrapping up my second summer season at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre as a Seasonal Research Technician. I was born and raised in Winnipeg and am taking an hon

Science on the Sea Ice

Join us Sat. May 19 at 1pm behind the complex for our local community event as part of the Science Odyssey celebrations across Canada! Everyone is welcome to this family friendly activity where we wil

2018 NRF Call for Proposals

Regular Call for Proposals Northern Research Fund (NRF) 2018 The Northern Research Fund (NRF)Northern Research Fund (NRF) provides opportunities for research in the sciences, social sciences and hum