Join a dynamic, nonprofit field station dedicated to research and education in the North! The benefits and rewards of calling the Churchill Northern Studies Centre your workplace include:

Community: The CNSC is an established nonprofit with strong partnerships and dedicated supporters all over the world. The staff operate in a collaborative model with each other and the local community.

Connection: Every season brings researchers and learners from around the world with diverse backgrounds and interests. There are endless opportunities to make meaningful connections.

Environment: We are situated on the edge of the Arctic on the Hudson Bay where three biomes meet. One step outside the building and you are immersed in nature.

Training: As an active and remote field station, there are continual opportunities to gain skills in supporting and engaging science research, promoting and supporting education, administration, and building maintenance.

Sustainability: Our building is LEED Silver certified and we are dedicated to acting as environmental stewards.


Programming Assistant

Supervisor: Programming Coordinator

Classification: Full Time, Seasonal 
Date revised: April 2023

Applications can be submitted via email to [email protected]. Please quote job title in cover letter or subject line.

Job Description

The Programming Assistant works with the Program Coordinator to deliver general education and youth programming. This position involves working with adult learners, seniors, and youth in various capacities.

Job Responsibilities

1. Programming

  • Assisting with delivery and evaluation of adult non-credit and youth educational programs.
  • Preparation of guest and information materials.
  • Assisting with the arrival and departure of educational clients. 
  • Conducting safety breifings, facility orientation tours, indoor activities, and outdoor walks.
  •  Working with instructors and local presenters.
  • Assisting with the delivery of programming (accompanying groups into town or on land/water excursions).
  • Assisting with closing celebration of our Traditional Foods Night
  • Managing the Programming Assistant email account.
  • Assist in creating alternate programming during unfavourable weather conditions.
  • Supporting paperwork for incoming guests/groups.
  • Conduct day programming independently. 

2. Social Media, Blog Posts & Communications

  • Represent CNSC on their social media platforms (i.e, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
  • Assist with CNSC website and data bank editing and maintenance.
  • Proactively communicate with our audience, responding to comments and reviews in a timely manner.
  • Create or facilitate blog and other social media posts.

2. Other Duties

  • Front of House workstation support (managing phone, giftshop, and visitors).
  • Assisting with fundraising initiatives for the CNSC.
  • Other duties as required.
Job Requirements

The Programming Assistant must be:

  • a team player willing to work periodic long hours, on flexible schedules, and for the betterment of the CNSC
  • in good physical condition and prepared to spend several hours a week in demanding physical environments characterized by wide temperature ranges, long hours of sunlight, insect pests, and the threat of dangerous wildlife.
  • comfortable communicating to, and working with large groups.
  • capable of absorbing large amounts of natural history information in a short period.
  • willing to undergo a criminal background check to work with children.
  • the ability to independently work and manage large groups
Minimum Qualifications
  • The ideal candidate would have at least one year in an undergraduate co-operative education program to qualify for wage subsidies, in a program focusing on one or more of the following: education, business, outdoor recreation, tourism, hospitality, natural history (i.e., biology, wildlife management, geography, environmental studies) or a similar field.
  • Preferences will be given to applicants who reside in Churchill and surrounding communities and to indigenous applicants.


Program Coordinator

Supervisor: Executive Director, or designate

Classification: Full Time, Permanent
Date revised: June 2023

Applications can be submitted via email to [email protected]. Please quote job title in cover letter or subject line.

Job Description

The Program Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and delivery of educational programming to a broad range of clientele of varied age and educational background, from young children to elder citizens. These expert-led programs focus on the rich biological, historical, and cultural diversity of the Churchill region. The Program Coordinator organizes a variety of outreach programs within the community that take advantage of the tremendous scientific resources available at the CNSC. The Program Coordinator is assisted in their duties by the role of Program Assistant during peak periods as staffing and funding allows.

Job Responsibilities 

1. Administrative/ Managerial

  • Assists with sales by answering the phone, responding to client inquiries, and following up with individuals interested in registering in CNSC programs in a timely fashion.
  • Participates in regular management meetings advising management on staffing and equipment requirements to carry out educational programming as well as annual budget planning.
  • Supports grant writing and fundraising initiatives connected to educational programming along with required reporting.
  • Manages the Programming Department budget and reports on expenditures and revenues.
  • Recruits, selects, and supervises the role of Program Assistant.
  • Communicates effectively with other CNSC staff involved in the delivery of educational programming (i.e., managers/ staff from kitchen, housekeeping and science department).
  • Works with the Field Station Coordinator to coordinate rooming assignments, with consideration for those with mobility and health issues or other special needs.

2. Non-Credit Education Programs

  • Conceives, designs, markets, delivers, and evaluates tuition-based courses under third party travel agents or CNSC Learning Vacation brand.
  • Prepares an annual independent group plan including both ongoing programs and new program concepts with detailed budget information and tuition costs.
  • Writes program descriptions and promotional copy for CNSC and third party travel agents websites, brochures, and posters.
  • Tracks enrolments, registers participants, answers inquiries, distributes registration materials, and books course activities (i.e., venues, tours, and guest speakers).
  • Ensures that transportation arrangements for arriving and departing guests are met.
  • Works with the course instructors to develop itineraries and provide welcome packages.
  • Coordinates the day-to-day activities of participants while in Churchill and ensures that instructors have all required teaching materials and resources and that all venues are properly configured.
  • Accompanies group (or delegates appropriate supervision) on all course field outings.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of educational programs and the level of client satisfaction through participant exit surveys (tracking and modifying key indicators where required).
  • Adheres to all policies outlined by third party travel agencies including participant health and safety forms, incident reports and financial reporting for Road Scholar branded courses.
  • Works with independent group leaders to support their trips as required.
  • Supports coordinating educational tourism related activities for other guests at CNSC such as credit course & Earthwatch participants.

3. Youth Programs

  • Promotes Churchill and the Northern Studies Centre as a preferred educational destination for both youth groups as well as professional development opportunities for youth educators.
  • Develops and executes day programs for school groups based on sound curricula and in consultation with group leaders. This may include preparing age/grade appropriate presentations, leading guided nature walks, bear monitoring, assisting teachers in presenting curriculum, and assisting or leading outdoor activities.

4. Community Outreach

  • Schedules guest speakers, lectures, and seminars at the CNSC which are promoted to local residents (at least one event per season, two in the summer).
  • Involves local artisans, speakers, and tour operators, wherever possible, in all course programming.
  • Provides tours of the facility and the adjacent Churchill Research (Rocket) Range and Ramsay Trail.
  • Takes an active role in managing the social media of the CNSC.

5.Marketing & Communications

  • Actively promotes CNSC programming using both traditional (brochures, print media) and emerging (social media) techniques.
  • Assists with materials for submission to the CNSC Birdfish newsletter.

CBN: 100966175RR0001

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You can also get hands-on work experience at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in a three-week Volunteer Expedition.