Join a dynamic, nonprofit field station dedicated to research and education in the North! The benefits and rewards of calling the Churchill Northern Studies Centre your workplace include:

Community: The CNSC is an established nonprofit with strong partnerships and dedicated supporters all over the world. The staff operate in a collaborative model with each other and the local community.

Connection: Every season brings researchers and learners from around the world with diverse backgrounds and interests. There are endless opportunities to make meaningful connections.

Environment: We are situated on the edge of the Arctic on the Hudson Bay where three biomes meet. One step outside the building and you are immersed in nature.

Training: As an active and remote field station, there are continual opportunities to gain skills in supporting and engaging science research, promoting and supporting education, administration, and building maintenance.

Sustainability: Our building is LEED Silver certified and we are dedicated to acting as environmental stewards.


Fleet and Facilities Assistant 
Application deadline: May 15, 2022
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Fleet and Facilites Assistant

Application deadline: May 15, 2022
Anticipated start date: June 1, 2022

Supervisor: Fleet and Facilities Supervisor 
Classification: Seasonal, Part-time
Date revised: April 2022

Applications can be submitted via email to email address. Please quote job title in cover letter or subject line.

Job Description

The Fleet & Facilities Assistant provides maintenance support, while being responsible for a wide range of duties related
to basic maintenance of the CNSC vehicle fleet, equipment, and buildings.

Job Responsibilities

1. CNSC Vehicle Fleet

  • Service vehicles ( fuel, fluids, tire pressure, general sanitization and cleaning, pre and post trip inspections).
  • Perform minor mechanical repairs when required (change tires, oil, wiper blades etc.
2. Building Maintenance 
  • Perform basic building maintenance related to electrical, heating, water, and sewer (e.g., change lights, maintain pumps, clean filters etc.).
  • Monitor bulk fuel, propane water and septic levels, and notify Fleet and Facilities Supervisor.
  • Garbage and recycling removal. 
  • Ensure emergency exits are clear and functioning properly.
  • Fill water truck with town or lake water, and fill holding tanks.
  • Empty sewage and grey water and dispose using sewage truck.
  • General grounds maintenance when required (painting, cleaning, organizing etc.)
3. Other Duties 
  • Organize, clean, and remove unnecessary equipment on site.
  • Pick up and/or drop off guests at airport/train station. 
  • Assist with the unloading and loading of guest luggage and/or freight, groceries, and other supplies.
  • Assist CNSC staff with bear safety (monitoring security of building, doors, and windows).
  • Other duties as required.
Job Requirements

The Field and Facilities Assistant must be:

  • a team player willing to work periodic ling hours, on flexible schedules, for the betterment of the CNSC.
  • in excellent physical condition and prepared to spend several hours a week in demanding physical environments characterized by wide temperature swings, long hours of sunlight, insect pests, and the threat of polar bears.
  • the ability to work independently.
  • cautious, alert, and be able to identify and mitigate workplace dangers.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Minimum Class 4 Manitoba Drivers License with air brake endorsement, or equivalent. 
  • Demonstrate skills in basic vehicle maintenance, general carpentry, and plumbing.
  • Experience with the demanding physical challenges of outdoor work
  • Operation of off-road vehicles.
  • Valid Firearms Possession and Acquisition License.

Preference will be given to applicants who reside in Churchill and surrounding communities and to indigenous applicants. 


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You can also get hands-on work experience at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in a three-week Volunteer Expedition.