List of CNSC Related Research Papers

The sampling of publications listed below are primarily references only, and are listed for convenience and show some of the research the CNSC has been a part of over the years. For access to the full article please consult your institution (i.e. a university) or academic search engine (e.g. google scholar). Where possible links to open source access to the article has been included.

The CNSC is proud to be a centre of learning and research in the subarctic.

2019Corkery, C., Nol, E., & Mckinnon, L.No effects of asynchrony between hatching and peak food availability on chick growth in Semipalmated Plovers Polar BiologyLink
2019Clark, D., Brook, R., Oliphant-Reskanski, C., Laforge, M., Olson, K., & Rivet, D. Novel range overlap of three ursids in the Canadian subarcticArctic Science
2018Bishir, S., Hossack, B., Fishback, L., & Davenport, J. Post-breeding movement and habitat use by wood frogs along an Arctic–Subarctic ecotoneArctic, Antarctic, And Alpine Research
2016Cordero, R., Sánchez-Ramírez, S., & Currie, D. DNA barcoding of aquatic insects reveals unforeseen diversity and recurrent population divergence patterns through broad-scale sampling in northern Canada.Polar Biology
2019Rohwer, V., & Purcell, J. Geographic variation in incubation behavior of a widely distributed passerine bird.PLOS ONE
2019Rogy, P., Wheeler, T., & Solecki, A. Spatial distribution of acalyptrate fly (Diptera) assemblages in Northern Canada.Polar Biology
2016Park, J. A race against time: habitat alteration by snow geese prunes the seasonal sequence of mosquito emergence in a subarctic brackish landscape. Polar Biology
2016McCall, A., Pilfold, N., Derocher, A., & Lunn, N. Seasonal habitat selection by adult female polar bears in western Hudson BayPopulation Ecology
2017Mangal, V., Shi, Y., & Guéguen, C. Compositional changes and molecular transformations of dissolved organic matter during the arctic spring floods in the lower Churchill watershed (Northern Manitoba, Canada). Biogeochemistry
2018Mamet, S., Brown, C., Trant, A., & Laroque, C. Shifting global Larix distributions: Northern expansion and southern retraction as species respond to changing climate. Journal of Biogeography
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2018Florko, K., Bernhardt, W., Breiter, C., Ferguson, S., Hainstock, M., Young, B., & Petersen, S. Decreasing sea ice conditions in western Hudson Bay and an increase in abundance of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) in the Churchill River. Polar Biology