Rocket Greens

Hydroponics in Churchill

Rocket Greens is a hydroponic food production project operated by the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in northern Manitoba.

Our mission is to improve our community’s access to affordable produce, no matter the season.

Using the Growcer’s hydroponic growing technology, we distribute fresh, locally-grown leafy greens to our community every week of the year — yes, even in subarctic winters.

Did you know?  

Two-thirds of our Rocket Greens veggies go directly to community members! 

Launchbox Subscription service

Do you live in Churchill? Sign up now to receive a weekly LaunchBox  filled with a variety of herbs and greens like bok choy, spinach, kale, leaf and butterhead lettuce, Swiss chard, arugula and more. 

These leafy greens are as fresh as you can get, delivered right to your door!  

These subscriptions include a different variety of leafy greens  plus one type of herb each week. 

  • We invoice subscribers at the beginning of each month
  • You provide us with your credit card for file, and are charged at the end of the month
  • Our veggies are harvested each week on Wednesdays, and packaged into reusable bags for our subscribers 
  • Subscriptions are delivered right to your door
  • If you need to, you can place your subscription on “hold” for any length of time. Just let us know before 3pm on Mondays, please!

The LaunchBox service began as a way to sell leafy greens directly to families and individuals in Churchill at an affordable price, to ensure that we could keep costs low and distribute all 350-400 pieces of greens we harvest each week. 

Contact us at [email protected] for any other questions.

Read about the beginnings of the LaunchBox subscription service in our blog

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Note: CNSC membership is required to become a LaunchBox subscriber. Membership is $50 annually. If you are not already a member, you will be billed during your first month.

Fun Fact!  

Rocket Greens got its name from the Churchill Research Rocket Range where the CNSC is located. “Rocket” is also another name used for arugula, one of the varieties we grow in our hydroponic Growcer container. 

Inside the Container

Rocket Greens are grown in a heavily insulated and highly efficient environment, so we can operate even at extreme subarctic temperatures. Our container has a separate nursery for sprouting up to 1200 seedlings in addition to growing spots for 1800 mature plants. 

More About Rocket Greens

Why we started

Churchill does not have a road connection to lower Canada, and it’s extremely challenging to grow food in our climate, so most of our community’s produce has been historically delivered by train.

However, the rail line was closed in early 2017 due to extreme flooding, and our main connection to southern Canada was cut. Churchill became reliant on air and sea shipments for eighteen months during this time, and it became drastically more expensive to receive goods and supplies like fresh produce.

In response to this devastating event, we began the process of acquiring a hydroponic container garden for Churchill — the first of its kind in Canada. From there, Rocket Greens was born.

We received our hydroponic Growcer container by sea lift in the fall of 2017. Six weeks after the unit was installed, we celebrated our first harvest, and we have been growing leafy greens every week since!

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