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Churchill is an amazing destination for anyone interested in nature, wildlife, history, and culture. And don’t let the lack of road access fool you — we’re a very welcoming community!

As an active research station located within the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, our Centre is a great choice for a standalone trip, as an educational site for your school or independent group, or as an enriching bonus feature to a visit you already have planned.

Ways to Visit

No matter how you visit, our goal is to inspire you to understand, respect, and love the north as much as we do.

Learning Vacation

The best way to enjoy both Churchill and the Centre are to join us for a multi-day immersive Learning Vacation.

Learning Vacation

Your adventure will feature belugas, bears, birds, or the breathtaking northern lights.

Day Tour

Already in Churchill? You can check out some of our unique educational programming with a Day Tour.

Day Tour

From historic to scientific to cultural, we have a variety of tours to round out your trip to our community.

Group Visit

School groups, independent groups, and lifelong learners will have an educational opportunity they will never forget.

Group Visit

Because the Centre is an active field station, it's a hub of research activity year-round.

Volunteer Expedition

If you have a bit more time and don't mind some hard work, consider applying for a three-week assignment.

Volunteer Expedition

Participation is a source of both fascinating experiences and tangible benefits to northern research.


With all essential amenities – including top-of-the-line wireless internet – CNSC is the perfect place for your conference.

Conferences & Meetings

We'll help you build a unique experience for your event.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm 

make yourself at home

If you are interested in stopping in and seeing the Centre for yourself, you can access our public facilities for a $5 day use fee. You’ll be able to take a self-guided tour, view our outdoor observation deck and Aurora dome, browse our library, and grab a cup of coffee at our cafeteria.  

Day use fees are waived for members.

Get your swag

Our gift shop is open to the public during business hours. We carry postcards, stamps, books, CNSC brand clothing, locally made jams and jellies, and other souvenirs.

There is no fee to enter the gift shop.

Marvel Year-Round

Every season in Churchill is a unique experience, each with its own natural wonders to savour and appreciate.

Churchill is host to tens of thousands of migratory birds in the spring, where they make use of the diverse habitats in the area — including tundra, boreal forest, freshwater systems, and the coastal marine environment of the Hudson Bay.
Thousands of belugas migrate to the Churchill River estuary every summer to feed, give birth, and molt, providing an unparalleled opportunity to see (and hear!) this curious, charismatic whale up close. Plus, long summer days in the subarctic means extra time to explore!
Hundreds of polar bears begin congregating in the Churchill area every autumn as they anticipate the return of the sea ice and access to their hunting grounds. While they wait, they are often social and curious, sparring with each other or checking out their surroundings. Being located inside in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, our Centre provides exclusive views.
The crisp, clear days of winter are when Churchill's night skies shine the brightest. While we record auroral activity more than 300 nights a year, the northern lights are typically at their peak in February and March. And because the Centre is located more than 20 kilometres outside of town, there is virtually no light pollution getting between visitors and the spectacular views.
Your Visit Will Help

Support Subarctic Research

We hope that you will be inspired by your visit to our Centre and that you will return home with the knowledge and enthusiasm to be an ambassador for Canada’s subarctic habitat.

Your visit will help researchers directly, too, since all programming revenue is used to provide them with affordable, accessible facilities to continue their critical work.

Learn more about the research being facilitated at the Centre.