Regular Call for Proposals Northern Research Fund (NRF) 2018

The Northern Research Fund (NRF)Northern Research Fund (NRF) provides opportunities for research in the sciences, social sciences and humanities with emphasis on northern issues. The goal of this program is to enhance field research by professionals working out of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC). The NRF is available to research projects that will lead to increased knowledge relevant to the people living in the North, particularly in the Churchill region. The NRF is a matching funds program, meaning the award takes the form of matching user- and vehicle-days (as available) for successful applicants, to offset the cost of accommodation at the CNSC. Researchers from all disciplines are encouraged to apply; priority for funding is given to new researchers and students. The NRF 2018, available through the application process, is anticipated to consist of 250 user days and 100 vehicle days. For more information, including the application and program guidelines, please go

The application deadline is January 12, 2018. 

Special Calls for Proposals Northern Research Fund (NRF) 2018

In addition to the regular 2018 call for proposals, the CNSC is issuing a special call for research projects in the following category. Potential applications are eligible for the standard NRF program, as well as the special call. Please complete only one application per project.

  1. Manitoba Conservation Polar Bear Research funding

As part of a long-term commitment to the Churchill region, Manitoba Conservation is partnering with the NRF program to support research programs regarding polar bears that meet the following criteria:

1)      The project should directly involve graduate students and funding through this special call is meant to provide financial assistance to graduate students

2)      The project should be applied research that relates to the function of the Polar Bear Alert program in the Town of Churchill and surrounding regions.  The project may also be curiosity based research if it is a component of a broader multi-year research project that results in a management application

3)      The project should focus on the sustainability of the Western Hudson Bay polar bear population. 

Applicants will use the standard NRF application form. Please indicate in the relevant space that you wish to be considered for the “Manitoba Conservation” special call. Potential awards include accommodation (user days) and vehicle support (vehicle days) at the Centre and monetary support.

Successful recipients will be required to recognize the supplemental funding on publicly displayed materials and provide an NRF research report at the end of the annual funding cycle. 

Information about Funding Institutions

The goal of the Northern Research Fund (NRF) is to enhance research conducted by researchers using the facilities and services of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC). The fund is available to assist researchers in meeting the financial needs of projects that will lead to increased knowledge relevant to the people living in the North, particularly in the region around Churchill. The CNSC appreciates the long-term financial support of Manitoba Conservation for this program.  

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