Researcher Feature

C-Jae Breiter

Research Conservation Specialist at Assiniboine Park Zoo with a focus on northern ecosystems

Beluga researcher C-Jae Breiter stands on a boat in the Churchill River Estuary
Current Research

Our research includes the investigation into the natural history and behaviour of beluga whales in the Churchill River Estuary.

Using a camera mounted on the underside of a boat, we are building a photo catalogue of beluga whales to assess group composition, changes in body condition, and potential threats in the environment.

We also investigate potential changes to other ecosystem components over time, i.e., jellyfish species.

Engaging with over 23,000 citizen scientists, they assist in data collection from the underwater camera on and analyze photos on to build the photo catalogue.

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at the cnsc

The CNSC is our mainstay when we visit Churchill for our field research.

The staff ensures that we have everything we need to fulfill all aspects of our research programs while in the sub-Arctic.

We rely on their lab space, field vehicles, meals, and accommodations to accomplish our research objectives at a reasonable cost.

The reality is that field work in a northern climate is expensive and we are very fortunate to have been supported through their Northern Research Fund on a number of projects.

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The Churchill Northern Studies Centre hosts an average of 1,100 research user days in a typical year. Researchers who study at the Centre receive accommodations, equipment, laboratory space, vehicle rentals, and logistical support, all at an extremely affordable rate. 

Please consider supporting the CNSC and allowing us to continue offering this critical service.