Join the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

It’s here — the Great Canadian Giving Challenge has begun!

This month, we are asking you to join the challenge and help the CNSC continue to support subarctic science by making a donation of $3 or more.

Every dollar really does count!

The Great Canadian Giving Challenge is a month-long initiative to help registered charities across Canada.

For the month of June, every $1 raised will enter the CNSC into a draw to win $20,000.*

What we need

At CNSC, our fleet vehicles are our lifeline, so we’d like to focus on improving them during this fundraising campaign.

Your past support helped us to secure a new Rocket Greens delivery vehicle, and it’s being put to great use!

However, we still need your help to improve our selection of reliable vehicles for use by researchers, guests, and staff, especially since we are located over 20 kilometers outside of Churchill.

Why our vehicles matter

  • Most CNSC staff travel to and from the centre daily — about an hour total. We carpool in a CNSC vehicle to reduce our fossil fuel usage and carbon footprint.
  • The Churchill environment is tough on vehicles. Being in northern Manitoba, we experience extremely harsh weather with subarctic temperatures, high winds and unpredictable terrain with snow drifts and slippery surfaces.
  • Researchers and science staff in the field need vehicles not just to transport equipment, but also to offer protection from the weather and from polar bears.
  • Speaking of polar bears… if an emergency occurs, such as a fire at the Centre, it is not safe to exit outdoors.  We rely on our fleet as escape vehicles, not only to travel but to keep guests warm and protected if an emergency occurs during winter months.

How you can help

If you would like to help give us the chance to win $20,000, please donate now.

You can also help spread the word about our fundraising efforts by liking and sharing our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

*minimum donation of $3