Wildlife Acknowledgement waiver

The Churchill Northern Studies Centre (CNSC) is located in a potentially dangerous environment. Known wildlife species in the area include wolf, moose, arctic/red fox, and bears (grizzly, black and polar). Polar bear numbers here are highest in the fall, but you could encounter a polar bear at any time of the year. Every animal should be treated as though it poses a threat to you. The guidelines in this waiver apply to all wildlife.

To reduce human-wildlife contact, the Centre has safety protocols in place.

The following are precautionary measures to reduce your risk. Read the following information carefully and sign the waiver if you understand all statements.

  • The CNSC will provide wildlife safety information for you to read. It is for your protection and benefit that you read it carefully.
  • It is important that you notify a CNSC staff member prior to leaving the building for any reason using the research board in the lab
  • Smoking is only permitted in the caged area outside the researcher doors.
  • All outside doors must be kept closed at all times. Bear bars are on the outside windows.
  • If dangerous wildlife is seen outside, DO NOT leave the building and please notify a staff member immediately.
  • There is no camping of any kind and hiking/walking will be dependent upon the season and previous bear sightings.
  • Researchers are expected to coordinate their activities with the CNSC science department.
  • It is unlawful to feed or harass polar bears. The placement of food with the purpose of attracting, feeding, or holding polar bears is prohibited. It is also prohibited to approach a polar bear or active bear den closer than 100 meters. Choosing to feed or harass bears can result in charges and the removal from CNSC property.

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