Facilitate, Promote, Enhance

Research Support


The Churchill Northern Studies Centre provides year-round guided research support to scientists involved in research in the Western Hudson Bay region. Research objectives of the CNSC are to facilitate, promote, enhance and undertake investigations of Northern issues. Major research themes that take place from the CNSC include auroral research, climate change, climatology, greenhouse gas emissions, inland water quality, marine ecosystems, community sustainability, tourism resilience, northern ecology, peatland and treeline dynamics, lake ice formation and wildlife management.

Transition Zone

The CNSC serves as one of the most accessible northern field research stations in Canada. The Centre is located in a transition zone where the northern extent of the boreal forest meets the southern edge of the arctic tundra and near the Churchill River where this freshwater river enters the marine ecosystem of Hudson Bay (58°44N, 94°49W).

This convergence of ecosystems (forest, tundra, taiga, freshwater, estuary and marine) provides a wide array of representative environments for study. Each of these environments is located a short distance from the CNSC and offer unparalleled research and educational opportunities. We provide scientists with the venue and tools to carry out their research.

Centre Accommodations


The CNSC features dormitory-style accommodations for up to 84 people, cafeteria, classrooms, wet and dry laboratories, observation dome, reference collections, wireless internet and vehicle support. The Centre staff includes full-time research personnel that can provide additional logistical and technical support for research projects operating year-round. Research staff can also provide research assistant and bear guarding services to field researchers. Undergraduate field courses are welcome and provide training opportunities for the next generation of arctic field scientists.

For more information on the services available to researchers, please download our 2017 Researcher Guidelines. Researchers can fill and submit your CNSC Research Booking Form to [email protected] to make your booking.