Sub-Arctic Field Courses

University Courses


The Centre fosters intellectual curiosity of university level students through credit courses. The Centre is a perfect destination for field course offerings in many different disciplines as we provide a safe base and logistic support for exploring the subarctic. University credit courses can be offered throughout the year and vary in length depending on curriculum. Most courses are led by professors from a home institution which coordinate enrolment and allocates credit. In the past, the Centre has hosted courses from Canadian universities such as the Universities of Toronto, Guelph, Manitoba and Winnipeg as well as American universities such as South Dakota State University, University of Wisconsin, Kennesaw State University and University of Maine.


University Subsidy

The Centre offers a subsidy to university credit course instructors to help reduce the cost of offering subarctic field courses. To receive the university credit course package rate, the course must have a minimum of five students enrolled. The rates include room and board, annual membership fee, airport (or train) pick-up and drop-off for participants and vehicle support appropriate to the group size (excluding fuel and driver). In addition, the primary course instructor stays for free. Laboratory and classroom space will be made available where possible to support teaching.


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