Year-Round Greens


Our Rockets Greens operate out of a shipping container manufactured and named, The Growcer, from an Ottawa/Iqaluit based company who developed these self-contained gardens to address food security issues in northern and remote locations. The sea can "package" means that it is possible to deliver the system to communities by truck, train, sea and even air!

Through one of our funding partners, Northern Manitoba Food, Culture, and Community Collaborative, we are working with the Community of Norway House, Manitoba to share our experiences and educate students in both communities on Food Sovereignty. Our other granting partners are the Churchill Community Trust Fund and the Northern Healthy Foods Initiative.

Rocket Greens are available for the local community on a monthly subscription plan and are also available for local businesses. For more information, please email [email protected] or call 204-675-2307.

Inside the Container

Rocket Greens are grown in a heavily insulated and highly efficient environment, meaning that it can be operated year-round, even at the extreme temperatures we encounter in Churchill. It has a separate nursery for sprouting up to 1200 seedlings in addition to growing spots for 1800 mature plants. We are now continuously providing 250-400 pieces of fresh food a week to the community of Churchill.

There are currently 40+ proven varieties of greens, herbs and even berries that can be easily and viably grown including tasty favorites like spinach, butterhead lettuce and arugula. We also have the unique opportunity to assist the Growcer company with experimenting on new crops and varieties to expand that list including strawberries and cherry tomatoes.



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