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Recent Research


2019 research projects at the CNSC

Dr. Sarah Adamowicz (PI), Kamil Chamtila-Amos
University of Guelph
Identifying factors that influences the detection of benthic macroinvertebrates using environmental DNA in northern freshwater habitats

Dr. Bilgenur Baloglu (PI), Christopher Hempel
University of Guelph
The diversity and distribution of aquatic midge¬¬s (Chironomide) in sub-artic ponds

Dr. David Barber (PI), Emma Ausen, Madison Harasyn, David Binne, Dr. Sergei Kirillov, Veronica Coppolaro
University of Manitoba
Beluga distribution relative to ship/boat activity in the Churchill River Estuary

Dr. Dawn Bazely (PI), Dr. Steve Alsop
York University
Churchill Communities of Knowledge Open Access Digital Archive

Dr. Douglas Clark (PI)
University of Saskatchewan
Transforming arctic conservation through social innovation

Dr. Karl Cottenie (PI), Anna Solecki
University of Guelph
Ecophylogenetics and trophic diversity of northern flies (Diptera) at multiple scales

Dr. Jon Davenport (PI), Thomas Hastings, Kabryn Mattison
Appalachian State University
Using physiological conditions to assess patterns of subarctic wood frog habitat suitability

Dr. Eric DeChaine (PI), Jenine DeChaine, Grace DeChaine, Jasper DeChaine
Western Washington University
Saxifrage cushion community senescence

Dr. Andrew Derocher (PI), Dr. Nicholas Piflold, Dr. Megan Owen
University of Alberta, San Diego Zoo Global
Polar bear ecology and habitat use

Dr. France Dufresne (PI), Marie-Pomme Poissant, Marie-Helene Armaly St-Gelais
Université du Québec à Rimouski
Epigenetic response to conductivity in Daphnia pulex

Eleanor Edye (PI), Dr. Russ Kleinman
Western New Mexico University
Bryophyte flora of the Churchill area

Dr. Bruce Erickson, John Higgs
University of Manitoba
Belonging, territory and the rise of polar bear tourism

Dr. Charles Greer (PI), Alexa Bakker, Tammy Cai
McGill University

Dr. Blake Hossack (PI)
Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, USGS
Amphibian and wetland monitoring

Dr. Casey Hubert (PI), Alastair Smith, Meng Ji, Alexa Bakker, Tammy Cai
University of Calgary

Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs (PI), Bailey Bingham
University of Guelph
High impact and accessible. exploring barriers to access in high impact practice

Dr. Peter M. Kotanen (PI)
University of Toronto
Survey of non-native plants and their herbivores

Dr. Patricia Fitzpatrick (PI), Michael Kvern
University of Winnipeg
Planning for energy security and resilience in Churchill, Manitoba

Dr. Moritz Langer (PI), Sina Muster, Soraya Kaiser
Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research

Dr. Laura Mckinnon (PI), Victor Olek, Maxime Girard-Simmons
York University
Effects of human habitation on nest predation risk of shorebirds

Heather Miltenburg (PI), David Troop, Megan Hamill, Colin Murray
Native Orchid Conservation Inc.
NOCI Scouting Trip

Dr. Erica Nol (PI), Marley Aikens, Monica Fromberger, Carley Gougeon
Trent University
Breeding and migration of shorebirds

Dr. Erica Nol (PI), Laura McDuffie, Yann Rochepault, Christophe Boudin
Trent University/ USFWS
Migratory connectivity of lesser yellowlegs

Dr. Stephen Petersen (PI), Veronica Coppolaro
Assiniboine Park Zoo
Ringed seal abundance and habitat

Dr. Stephen Petersen (PI), Danielle Ince, Jillian St George, Warren Coughlin
Assiniboine Park Zoo
Harbour seal and beluga research

Dr. Jim Roth (PI), Dr. John Markham, Chloe Rodrigues, Julien Koga, Jess Lang, Caila Kucheravy, Sean Johnson-Bice, Megan Dudenhoeffer, Audrey Moizan
University of Manitoba
Arctic fox food web interactions

Dr. Pascale Roy-Leveillee (PI), Dr. Kevin Turner, Chantae Robinson
Laurentian University
10 years litter decomposition study

Dr. Gary Stern (PI), Palmoa Carvalho, Glen Hostetler, Durell Desmond, Cathrin Veenaas, Camille Lavoie, Jasmin Schuster
University of Manitoba

Dr. Mario Tenuta (PI)
University of Manitoba
Nematode sampling and soil science field course

Dr. Graham Young (PI), Michael Cuggy (PI), Deborah Thompson
Manitoba Museum, University of Saskatchewan
Fossil arthropods at the Airport Cove site

Gal Zanir (PI)
Wildlife Biotech ltd.
Manitoba Wildlife Metabiome