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Selection of Recent Research Conducted at the CNSC

Research Projects - Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Subarctic Research - Churchill Manitoba
  • Evan Adams, University of Maine. Understanding the breeding biology of the Blackpoll Warbler, a boreal forest specialist and species in decline.
  • Rick Bello, York University. Polygonal peat plateau carbon exchange in the Hudson Bay Lowlands.
  • Martin Brummell, University of Guelph. Genome size and climate.
  • Ben Cash, Maryville College. Breeding habitat characteristics, circadian calling dynamics and genetic structure of frog populations.
  • Elly Chmelnitsky, University of Manitoba. Killer whale monitoring in the Eastern Canadian Arctic and their potential effects on the beluga whale population in western Hudson Bay.
  • Tania Clérac. Cold season CO2 fluxes from arctic soils - quantifications, influencing factors and modeling approach.
  • Jackie Dawson, University of Waterloo. Climate change and wildlife viewing tourism in Churchill, MB: Impact assessment and analysis using a systems approach: Stage 2.
  • Kate Edwards, University of Toronto. Soil microbial, nutrient, and plant dynamics in subarctic sedge meadows during the winter-spring transition.
  • Linda Gormezano, American Museum of Natural History. Estimation of polar bear abundance, relatedness and diet using passively collected hair and feces.
  • Krista Hanis. Greenhouse gas emissions at Churchill, Manitoba in a changing environment.
  • Karen Harper, Dalhousie University. Spatial configuration of the forest-tundra ecotone and implications for climate change.
  • Liang Jing, Memorial University. Hydrological monitoring and modelling of subarctic wetlands in the Deer River basin near Churchill, MB.
  • Kim Jochum, Independent. Individual recognition in polar bears: Lessons and applications from modelling short-term opportunistic behaviour data.
  • James Kushny, Independent. Caribou herd identity and conservation: Defining herds at the boreal forest/subarctic interface and along the Western Hudson Bay coast.
  • Chris Lortie. Micro-environmental changes on moss and peat and its relations to fine-scale plant diversity.
  • Merrin Macrae. Vulnerability of shallow tundra ponds in the northern portion of the Hudson Bay Lowland to drying.
  • Steven Mamet, University of Alberta. Dendroecology and treeline dynamics within arctic and alpine localities in western and central Canada.
  • Terrence McGonigle, Brandon University. Ecosystem threshold properties that regulate arbuscular mycorrhizae in the Churchill area.
  • Erica Nol, Trent University. Population fluctuations, stable isotopes, transmitters and migratory connectivity in an arctic shorebird.
  • Tim Papakyriakou, University of Manitoba. Carbon exchange dynamics over coastal tundra environments.
  • Shannon Refvik. Seasonal and diurnal changes in the efflux of methane and carbon dioxide from mire communities dominated by Carex aquatalis.
  • Bethany Schroeder. Postglacial history of three-spined stickleback in Nueltin Lake, MB.
  • Nathan Senner, Cornell Library of Ornithology. The effects of climate change on Hudsonian godwits.
  • Larry Weider, University of Oklahoma. Global climate change: Examining ecological genetic changes in the Churchill rockpool Daphnia populations during the past 25 years.


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