What does it cost?

Fees for Services


In our mission to understand and sustain the North, we strive to make doing so accessible to researchers. At a very competitive cost, the CNSC offers accommodations, meals, and logistic support for researchers. In addition, we have vehicles for rent as well as storage rooms for long-term research projects. 

Rates are updated annually. Updated rates are announced in January and in effect April 1. 


Membership is mandatory for all guests staying at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. Dues are renewed on an annual basis.

Lifetime Membership$500
Corporate Sponsors$500

Room & Board


All bedding and towels are provided, but personal toiletries are not.

As part of our mission, we subsidize room and board for Researchers, University Students, and School and Youth Groups.


2022 rates effective April 1st.
First 14 nights in a year (April 1-March 31, includes subsidy by CNSC)$81/night
2022 Rate: $89/night
Night 15 and beyond: researchers are eligible for long-term rate$66/night
2022 Rate: $73/night
Eligibility for long-term rate is determined by individual, not by research team

University, School and Youth Groups
2022 rates effective April 1st.
Youth & Adult Chaperones (Total Reflects 20% Subsidy by CNSC)$81/night2
2022 Rate:
University credit course students$66/night
2022 Rate:

2This rate includes room and board, annual membership fee, and airport (or train) pick-up and drop-off. It does not include CNSC vehicle support. Extra programming fees may apply. Please contact the Program Coordinator at [email protected] for more details.  Rate unavaliable October 15-November 25.

2022 rates effective April 1st.
2022 Rate:
Conferences and Meetings
2022 rates effective April 1st.
Regular shared accommodation$169/night
2022 Rate:
Single Supplement1+ $120/night
2022 Rate:
+ $178/night

1 All accommodations at the Centre is shared with a maximum of four people assigned per room in two bunk beds. For select conferences and meetings, single supplements MAY be available with prior arrangement and at the discretion of the Management.

Meals (For Those Not Staying at the Centre)

Regular Cafeteria Services


Please contact the Centre for complete pricing on meeting, conference and special event catering.

Service Fees


Vehicle & Equipment Fees (Excluding Fuel)
Day1/2 Day
SUV (6-8 occupants) $80$50
Passenger Van (15 occupants) $150$90
2WD Pick-up (2-3 occupants) $70$40
44 Passenger Bus $400$2504
24 Passenger Bus $300$2004
Snowmobile $110$605

Bicycles are available for rent free of charge on a first come, first served basis.

4Does not include bus operator fee.

5Includes use of komatik (sled) or toboggan where available.

Storage Fees
Small Storage (2m3 - approx. 1 pallet - shared) No Charge$60/yr
Large Storage Room (45m3 - 9.5' X 16' X 10' - private) $50/mo$100/mo
Recreational Vehicles and Sleds (shared indoor storage) $60/yr
Outdoor Storage (roadworthy insured vehicles) $50/yr

Certain fees may be waived at the discretion of the Management. Please consult our full research equipment storage policy in the Research section of our website for complete details.

Technical Service Fees
Fuel(Call for current prices)
Research/Technical Services6$55/hr
Bear Monitor6$25/hr or $150/day
Maintenance Services6$65/hr
Bench Fees (those not staying at CNSC)$10 per 4ft of bench/day + membership

6Subject to staff availability. These services may be made available on a reduced cost-recovery basis for graduate students or those individuals working with modest funding by prior arrangement with the Management.

Administration Fee$10/transaction(third party billing, tour, bookings etc.)
Fax Tranmit$2(1 page)$1(each additional page)
Fax Recieve$1(1 page)$0.5(each additional page)
Photocopies (per page)$0.25

Note: Wherever possible, the CNSC will endeavour to provide secure storage facilities, staff assistance and logistical support to meet the needs of all research being conducted at the facility.

Educational Programming


The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is pleased to invite all our visitors to tour the Weston Family Welcome Centre, at no charge, to learn more about the Centre and the Hudson Bay Lowlands Ecosystem. For those who would like a guided "behind the scenes" tour of our new facility, please call ahead to make a booking.

Guided Facility Tours
1 hour $10/person + GST
Custom Presentations

The CNSC provides a wide variety of educational programming to the general public. Please consult our website for more information on upcoming programming. Custom presentations by CNSC staff on a variety of topics are available by prior arrangement. Each lecture is typically one hour in duration, including a 15 minute question/answer session.

Groups staying at CNSC$125 flat rate per group + GST
Groups not staying at CNSC$10/person + GST (minimum $100 charge)
Meeting Space
Day1/2 Day
Classroom A$500$250
Classroom B$400$200
Classroom C7 (Boardroom)$100$50
Cafeteria (select availability)$600$300

Please consult our website for more information on classroom capacity, configurations and A/V capabilities. Fees for meeting space may be waived if the majority of participants are staying at the CNSC or at the discretion of the Management. Community groups wishing to utilize meeting space at the CNSC are encouraged to contact the Executive Director about reduced rates.

7Classroom C is equipped with teleconference capability.

Youth Programming


Please contact our Program Coordinator at [email protected] for more details.