Spring’s Wings: Birding in Churchill


Event Dates: Canceled

Total Cost: 1585.00 CDN

Are you fascinated by birds and want to learn more? Are you a birder that would like to explore the arctic’s edge? After nearly 8 months of winter, the ice in the Churchill River begins to move and the tundra comes alive with the carillon cry of hundreds of thousands of returning Snow Geese. Join the migration and experience the excellent birding opportunities to be found in Churchill, Manitoba, a well known birding “hotspot” that you’ll want to see firsthand. Daily guided tours and field trips allow you to see a wide variety of bird species, while keeping a sharp eye out for such rarities as the Ross’s Gull, Bohemian Waxwing and Harris’s Sparrow. Some unique birds common to Churchill include the Pacific Loon, jaegers, Willow Ptarmigan and Smith’s Longspur. Our program is led by a birding expert with decades of experience and group sizes are kept to a  minimum. There is also ample opportunity to explore the town and the world-famous Itsanitaq Museum with its renowned collection of historic and contemporary Inuit art and artefacts. From arrival to departure your program itinerary is simply focused on full-time birding!