COVID-19 Update

We are making plans for a safe reopening.

The Province of Manitoba has announced that Northern Manitoba can gradually re-open, and we are making plans for when and how we can safely welcome researchers, learners and the public, again. We are working closely with the provincial government and the Town of Churchill to ensure that we will be responsive to public health directives and measures. In the meantime, we are continuing with our essential operations, including contract scientific research and Rocket Greens. We will provide updates on this page and through FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.



What will the safety measures look like?

We’re sure you’re looking forward to the time when we can resume our rewarding learning experiences as much as we are. In the meantime, our staff are dedicated to creating new health and safety procedures for the future. We’re evaluating local, provincial and federal guidelines, as well as creating our own safety standards. We want to take every step we possibly can to care for the well-being of the community of Churchill, as well as it’s visitors, while still providing a quality learning experience.

We expect that our day programs, learning vacations and support to our visiting research scientists will be the first activities to resume when the Government of Manitoba says it is safe to do so. When and how they resume depends on the Government of Manitoba’s pandemic roadway for recovery, Restoring Safe Services. Phase Three is tentatively being rolled out on June 21, depending on Manitoban’s feedback about the plan, as well as the number of Manitoba’s COVID-19 cases. However, if results during or at the end of any phase are not favourable, the province will not proceed with the next phase and may reintroduce health and safety measures. Additional information about the Government of Manitoba’s Restoring Safe Services plan can be found here.

Will my Learning Vacation program run? If not, what happens?

So far, we have suspended all educational programs to the end of July, 2020. We have put a lot of thought and deliberation into making this decision, but the health and wellbeing of our community and its visitors are our highest priority. If we do suspend programming beyond July 31st will notify impacted participants as soon as possible.

Will you be providing refunds?

At this time, we are not providing any refunds, however we are offering rollovers to all participants. This means that if you are not able to travel to Churchill because of travel restrictions we will roll your deposit over to any of our programs within one year your course start date.

Will my course cost increase?

We anticipate that there could be a cost increase due to the need for additional precautions and procedures. We are unsure of how much of an increase to expect but we want to let our participants know that this option is being considered by our management staff at this time.