Experience the north!

The CNSC is, first and foremost, an active research facility located at the edge of the tundra, 23 km from the town of Churchill. Our learning vacations promote meaningful interaction between course participants, visiting scientists and the Centre’s own in-house research staff. Most importantly, all course revenues go towards supporting the work of the Centre and the local economy.
Programs are typically 5-7 days in length and include all accommodations, meals, local transportation, wildlife viewing excursions, visits to local museums/shops and, of course, evening lectures on a range of topics from wildlife to indigenous cultures. Reflect on your new experiences and friendships while gazing out at a subarctic sunset, knowing that you will travel home with a greater understanding and appreciation of the North.

CNSC Learning Vacations

Winter Skies
Spring's Wings
Belugas in the Bay
Lords of the Arctic

Packing List and General Information

For more information about Churchill and how to prepare for your program, take a look at our general information package.